My Ideal School

My ideal school would be just big enough to have all the things I would want at my school, and yet small enough it would be really hard to get lost. I remember I always use to get really stressed out anytime I had to go to a new high school because I knew I was going to get lost at least a few times before my first day was over. My ideal school would be an alternative program for students who can’t handle a mainstream public high school, because I know how hard it can be at a “normal” high school. My ideal school would inspire and encourage art, I would want it to incorporate art in education as much as possible.

I think most “typical” high schools have tile floors, fluorescent lights, red or blue painted walls, with matching metal lockers that usually have cuss words etched into paint, gum stuck to the underside of every desk and chair, and they usually have an odd odor of sweaty armpits and dirty socks that lingers around in the halls.

My ideal school would have a soft carpet, it would have bean bag chairs and couches only. It might have some desks but mostly clip boards and dry erase boards, and an automatic air-freshener in every hallway. The walls in the halls and classrooms would be a “canvas” (so to speak) for students to paint beautiful murals as school projects. My school would have a community garden with fruits and vegetables for everyone in the community. There would be a pool for the swim team, and a gym with any kind of equipment you could want. I would want to create a most relaxed and comfortable environment for my students, I think being comfortable in a school setting would enhance the chances of success with my students.

My school would offer a Economics class, Taking an economics class will help my students understand money, finance and market inflation in the world. If you want money, you need to know how to manage it. My school would offer Any Extracurricular Class, A class that can really wake up the creative side of your brain, like music or art work. I would offer either a spanish or french class (or both), because being bilingual will always prove to be useful. Ofcourse I would have all required classes to meet the requirements for earning a highschool diploma for the state of Oregon. However I would have teachers find a way in incorporate art or creativity into their studies. I would have a yoga class, and a gym class for my students because I believe physical education is highly important. I would also have a dietary class that focuses on the way americans eat and the obesity ‘epidemic’ in our country today, not only that but this class would also give kids ways to eat healthy in a society that promotes the consumption sugar, soda, and sweets.

My school would have a nice computer lab, with well running computers, and equipment. I would like to have a ‘smart board’ or two, because I had one in the middle school I went to and I always thought it was really fun. There would be nice cameras/video cameras for students interested in photography, it would be cool to have a 3D printer, and possibly a few tablets for students to use. I would also like to have old equipment just to show students how far we’ve come. I’d like to have old type writers, and old projection screen, old computers. Not really for use but for an educational and fun purpose than anything.


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